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Default Usernames and Passwords

CISCO Commands

Overview of CISCO Modes

Router> = User EXEC mode
Router# = Privileged EXEC mode
Router(config)# = Configuration mode
Router(config-if)# = Interface configuration mode
Router(config-router)# = Routing engine level configuration mode
Router(config-line)# = Line configuration mode (vty, console, serial, aux)
Router(config-subif)# = Subinterface configuration mode

CISCO Command Examples

Changing Hostname
1| router(config)# hostname AnyName1

Configure Password
1| router(config)# enable secret cisco ! MD5 hash
2| router(config)# enable password notcisco ! Clear text

Securing Console Port
1| router(config)# line con 0
2| router(config-line)# password cisco
3| router(config-line)# login

Securing Terminal line
1| router(config)# line vty 0 4
2| router(config-line)# password cisco
3| router(config-line)# login

Encrypting Passwords
1| router(config-line)# service password-encryption

Banner Configuration
1| router(config)# banner motd $
3| Type Any Message, Will Appear Here

Assign An IP Address to Router
1|router(config)# interface TenGigabitEthernet 5/1
2|router(config-if)# ip address [space] subnet mask
3|router(config-if)# no shutdown or no shut

Assign a Default Gateway
1| router(config)# ip default-gateway

Save Configuration (full command)
1|router# copy running-config startup-config
2|Destination filename [startup-config]? !press enter to confirm file name.
3|Building configuration..

Save Configuration (shortcut)
1| router# wr
2| Building configuration..

Overview of CISCO Basic Commands

Router# show version
Shows information about the switch and it interface, RAM, NVRAM, Flash, IOS,etc.

Router# show running-config
Shows the current configuration file stored in DRAM.
Router# show startup-config
Shows the configuration file stored in NVRAM which is used at first boot process.

Router# show history
Shows lists of commands currently held in the history buffer.

Router# show ip interface brief
Shows an overview of all interfaces, their physical status, protocol status and ip address if assigned.

Router# show ip interface vlan 1
Shows detailed information about the specified interface such as; status, protocol, duplex, speed, encapsulation, last 5 min traffic.

Router# show ip interface description
Shows the description of all interfaces.

Router# show interfaces status
Shows the status of all interfaces that are connected or not, speed, duplex, trunk or access vlan.

Router# show interfaces mypubkey rsa
Shows the public encryption key used for SSH.

Router# show dhcp lease
Shows information about the leased IP address that interface obtained from dhcp server.

More Coming Soon........